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10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Pear Shaped Body

If there is one thing that we can share is that you must keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect body. But, as long as you keep the body you have healthy, you have nothing to worry about.

Observe the people around you, they come in all shapes and sizes. And whatever shape you have, it has nothing to do with success in your life. Take the initiative, read a lot, and become informed.

It would also be a blessing to be able to share your knowledge, experiences and style with others. Being an interesting person is one of the best ways to feel confident. Above all, we at Pear Collections implore you to have fun in your life, in every situation, and enjoy it.

As women, we strongly advocate that we need to love what we’ve got, curves and all. We must know every gorgeous inch of ourselves and what body shape we are in, so we can openly embrace our uniqueness and be comfortable in it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Pear Shaped Body with Pear CollectionsWhat causes a pear-shaped body?

It is our bone structure that determines many elements of our body type. Some people have rounder buttocks and curvier spines, for example.

There are some people who have wider hips than others, shorter legs than others, or longer torsos than others. The shape of your body can also be affected by your height.

Females whose bodies are pear-shaped are also genetically predisposed. Our genes determine how much fat our bodies are able to store and accumulate. Pear-shaped women tend to accumulate fat in our hips, thighs, and behinds.

Note that we are not medical professionals, and what we share here only aims to provide researched knowledge, information, and inspiration for you to learn to love your curves.

Understanding how you are put together can translate to an acceptance of your particular body type that leads to a happier and ultimately healthier life. Do note, that there are serious advantages to having a pear-shaped body.

For one, experts say that the hips and thighs offer “safe storage” for fat, which stops it from getting in our bloodstream and reaching vital organs.

We love our curves, that’s why it’s good to be a pear.

A pear shaped body has beautiful curves. Your hips are wider and curvier than your more narrow shoulders. You might have slender shoulders and might also be sloping for some, but there are easy ways to balance your figure.

Let’s get things clear, a pear-shaped body just means that you have broader hips and small shoulders. According to health experts, women who have a distribution of body fat in a pear-shape pattern have minimal to nonexistent risks for so-called lifestyle diseases.

Your body deserves love, and who else could love it more than you. Don’t allow toxic mindsets get to you. The more you learn to love yourself, the more people will love you.

There is so much more to loving your body. But the entire point is that your body is uniquely yours, that’s why it deserves as much adoration as you can give it. Confidence is sexy, flaunt it.

10 Reasons to Love Your Body

When it comes to being confident in your own skin, award-winning actress Meryl Streep said in essence that what makes us different or weird is our strength. Who we are should be something that we all should strive to embrace.

  1. You only get one body – No good comes from being hard on yourself. You are given such a fabulous body, so why not cherish it and embrace it, because you’re awesome.
  2. No two bodies are made equal – Photoshop and other image manipulation software might make it seem you can have a picture-perfect body, but that is not reality. Just because you don’t have a body like a model of a magazine, or like your best girlfriend’s, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful, because it already is.
  3. Your opinion of yourself matters more than anyone else’s – You are the one who owns your body, and you are the one who has to live in it, not them. So what they think of you should be much less important than what you think of yourself.
  4. You should always focus on the positive – Like we said at the beginning of this piece, there is no such thing as a perfect body, simply choose outfits that highlight the parts of you that you are most proud of.
  5. Your body has no ‘imperfections’ – What you perceive as imperfections are just things that add character that makes you unique, embrace it.
  6. Your weight does not tell you how awesome your body is – Keep in mind that the number you see on a scale and your awesomeness are not in any way related.
  7. You have a beautiful brain – It is the source of your emotions, your passions, your laughter, your pain, creativity, and your memories.
  8. People pay tons of money to get natural curves like yours – No need to expound on this, but we’re sure you’ve heard of women going to the extremes just to have a figure like yours.
  9. Your health matters more – A healthy body is way more important, plus accepting your body is also better for your mental wellbeing.
  10. You are beautiful – Your own set of beauty standards is all you need, there is nothing wrong with you. Don’t allow media to impose their set of beauty standards on you.

We might have grown up not seeing bodies like ours in the media back in the 90s and 2000s, small on top and full around the bottom. They simply did not exist in media back then.

And then, the world suddenly shifted. Thanks to powerful women such as J. Lo, Beyoncé, The Kardashians, etc. Fuller bodies become the blueprint and curves became social media currency.

We should be thankful. But while the world is slowly learning to applaud bodies like ours, many women’s love for their own anatomies is only just catching up. That’s why we at Pear Collections are here to share our experiences and to let you know that there is plenty more love to give yourself.

But there’s no rush, everything has to be done at your own pace, one affirmation at a time. In the meantime, be happy to take in the view and bask in light that you are beautiful just the way you are.

We at Pear Collections provides you with clothing that fits your curves, but it is just icing to an already delicious cake. We continue in guiding you towards loving your pear-shaped body more. Join us in our advocacy since there’s still more work to be done to help more women to love and celebrating their unique bodies.

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