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5 Outfits That Suits a Pear Shaped Body

Identifying the strengths of a pear-shaped body is vital to understanding how to dress it to flatter your figure. A typical pear shape has a slender waist highlighted by a prominent behind and thighs.

At Pear Collections, we don’t consider any part of your body as a weakness when it comes to styling. What matters is that you are comfortable and that you feel good in whatever it is you choose to wear.

You are in the right place if you are struggling to put together a capsule wardrobe of wonderful pieces. If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to basic wardrobe essentials, having a full understanding of your body shape is the best place to start.

Loving your curves and deciphering your shape helps you in creating a simple formula that works best for your silhouette. This in turn guides you in acquiring outfits that enhance your figure, and which clothes you need to have in your wardrobe.

By having a clear understanding of your body shape, and key principles of what works for you, you’ll be a shopping pro in no time.

5 Outfits That Suits a Pear Shaped Body by Pear CollectionsIdentifying and understanding a pear-shaped body.

It is not really that tricky deciphering which body type you have. The process is fairly simple, and you can easily identify if you have a pear-shaped body by simply looking in the mirror.

Simply face your mirror in your lingerie or any form fitting outfit that allows you to get a proper idea of your silhouette. But if you want to be more precise, taking measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and shoulders and comparing them will help.

Pear shapes have narrow shoulders, a small waist, broader hips. Us pear-shaped women also have a relatively modest bust with beautifully curvy thighs and, to die for, shapely bum.

A pear-shaped body can come in any size, from a petite up to plus-size, and everything in between. The great thing with a pear-shaped body is that there are different styles that work well for our body shape. It will all depend on what kind of look you are going for.

Do understand that having a pear-shaped body means that your bottom half is larger, which can create a visual imbalance with the upper half of your body. The key to dressing our body shape is to draw attention towards the upper body, emphasise our slender waist, and de-emphasise the lower body to create an overall balanced silhouette.

Do note that these are just general guidelines, as everybody is different. Perhaps you are one that want to celebrate your shapely hips to its fullest, and that is perfectly fine too. You have the power to experiment with your unique shape, and you are empowered to determine what works, for you.

Dressing for your curves.

Dressing for a pear-shaped body sure has its moments. Accept the fact that not everything works. Don’t fret, other body shapes also have their own dilemmas. A great mindset simply to empower yourself to celebrate your curves and enjoy experimenting with clothing options.

Styling is important for every woman of shape and size. If you feel that you are being sidelined by trends, there is no reason for you to worry! We have your back. There is no need for you to go back wearing baggy clothes; there is nothing for you to hide.

A great wardrobe should give you a feeling of confidence, empowerment, and let you show off your own style. When shopping for outfits, it is important to not only consider what items suits your body shape, but you must consider what will make you feel comfortable, powerful, and confident in your skin.

See some reasons why it is of prime importance to dress for your curves:

There is no shame in having curves

Your curves should not stop you from living your life to the fullest. It is just a body type, and a beautiful one at that! Accept and embrace yourself.

Cease your fixation on your size and shape that keeps you from doing things you love with passion. The only accessory you need is enhanced confidence.

Wear what makes you happy

Enough of the thinking that a body type can only wear this, and not wear that. Though admittedly, it may be aesthetically important, YOU CAN BREAK THE RULES if it makes you happy.

An increasing number of brands are beginning to realise this, and it is now easier to get almost every trendy piece in the market to help you rock your personal sense of style.

Accessorise to suit your look

Accessorising is such an important but typically under-discussed point. For pear-shaped women, an accessory can make or break your look. Accessorising also works for all women of all shapes and sizes.

An accessory can be anything from a belt, bags, shoes, jackets, and jewellery and much more. For curvy women, appearing taller and lengthening your silhouette can be achieved by wearing heels.

5 outfits that suit your pear-shaped body.

1.  Dresses

Having a rotation of great dresses can make many women feel wonderful, these can be worn for seasonal outings and occasions. When seeking a flattering dress for a pear-shaped body, Pear Collections’ Little Wrap Dress and Blooming Love Deep V Dress are always great choices.

2.  Tops with wide necklines

Wider necklines show off a bit more of your clavicles that draw attention more to your neck, shoulders, chest, and face. Since our lower halves are more noticeable, it is subconsciously good to cause eyes to see balanced proportions, so it takes away the lower body from becoming the primary focal point.

Achieve this look in confidence with Pear Collections’ Ruby Fun Boat-Neck Jumpsuit.

3.  Jeans

The good news is, most jeans look great on pear-shaped women. However, mid-to high-rise will be best for flattering your beautiful figure. Not every woman can get away with high rise, but as a pear, you can!

Normally, skinny jeans over-emphasise your hips like Pear Collections’ Joy Curves Jeans, but that shouldn’t stop you because they are awesome. To look more awesome, pick a top that adds bulk to your shoulders and draws in at the waist, and have a correct fit for your shape and size.

4.  Skirts

Skirts with an A-line cut help in slimming your hips and pull your viewer’s gaze lower. The great thing is, you can go for any skirt length. But, opting for knee-length to mid-calf is going to be flattering to your figure. For a more formal look, a floor-length A-line skirt works great.

A-line skirts are a pear-shaped woman’s best friend, such as Pear Collections’ Valley Seed Skirt. Not only will this skirt flatter your curves, you’ll thank us that it has pockets.

5.  Shorts

Like your jeans, a high-waisted pair of shorts will help in skimming over your hips. A high back rise allows for extra room in your hip and thigh area while drawing focus on your small waist.

Consider getting a pair (or two) of Pear Collections’ Tegan Shorts. With its ruffled high-waist detailing, help in defining your waist and look amazing.

In closing

At Pear Collections, we want you to remember that above all, you are beautiful, and your body is unique – just like you! Clothing is a fun way of showing off your personality, but note that what these of course are just some guidelines that you can use as a takeoff point towards developing your own sense of style.

Throughout history, different proportions have been deemed “in style” so there is no reason for you to stress out what’s the right way or best way to approach your look. You have so much room to play with tops and stunning accessories. Pear Collections is with you in helping you build your own capsule wardrobe.

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