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Can Pear Shaped Women Wear Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans have been around for what seems like forever and are among one the most popular denim styles. Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes us all uniquely beautiful.

However, shopping for clothes for our specific body type and figure does present a challenge, including finding the perfect fitting jeans, more so for us pear-shaped women. If you have been on an endless search for the best pair of jeans for your pear-shaped body, you’re not alone.

The best thing a woman can have is feeling secure and beautiful in whatever they choose to wear. And yes, finding the best jeans that flatter your figure is a real struggle.

As an Australian Clothing Brand, Pear Collections supports pear-shaped and curvaceous women to love their curves and be comfortable in their own skin. Being in the industry for years and knowing how to run fashion brands, I put up Pear Collections to fix the problem of ill-fitting clothing, specifically for pear-shaped and curvaceous women.

Ladies Jeans for Curvaceous BodiesWhat is a Pear-Shaped Woman?

This body type is defined by the following features:

  • The widest part of the body is the hips.
  • The upper body, comprising the bust and shoulders, is smaller than the hip width.
  • Narrow shoulders and smaller bust
  • Narrow waistline
  • Wider, sturdier thighs and legs (but not always)

If you have these features, you likely have a pear-shaped body. If you are, don’t fret. Curves are to be celebrated and embraced.

The hips and thighs of ladies with pear shapes are wider than their shoulders and busts. They have a defined waistline that is smaller than the hips. A pear-shaped woman’s slender waist is a valuable asset that should be emphasised.

Jean shopping can be a bit of a nightmare, aside from the annoying fact that they come in different sizes in every store, central to this problem lies the lack of shape-accommodating jeans.

If you’re blessed with a pear shape, we can empathise with you on how difficult it is to find a pair of jeans that fit your body type properly. There’s no point in acquiring an ill-fitting pair of jeans that are super uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t have to.

We Love Jeans.

Don’t forget, you have a fabulous bottom half that deserves a bit of attention too. You might ask, can I wear jeans? Of course, you can! What’s great about jeans is they go pretty much with everything. Very few clothing apparels do. There’s no indication they’re going out of fashion anytime soon.

Pear-shaped bodies have the unique advantage of looking great in every pair of jeans imaginable. Just keep in mind that the most distinctive feature of us pears is our wide hips, and we tend to have prominent thighs.

The key to finding the perfect pair of jeans is working with the traits of your pear-shaped body, rather than against it, some women even go into great trouble in trying to conceal it. If you have an overall shape that is “bottom-heavy,” you should find jeans that are flattering and can balance out this shape.

But what about skinny jeans? If you love wearing skinny jeans, as I do, that’s reason enough to wear them and feel great. Pear shapes can absolutely rock wearing skinny jeans. We can get away with slim-fit outfits because we’re endowed with natural feminine curves.

Technically speaking, pear-shaped women often struggle to find proper-fitting skinny jeans that fit their curves, which is why we created the  Joy Curves Jeans and added them to our capsule collection.

Some Style Tips

Drawing attention to your top half is a fabulous fashion trick for us pears. Tops with light or bright colours, eye-catching patterns or details like jewels and ruffles will pull the eye upward, this puts the focus on the upper half of your figure.

No matter what features you want to flaunt, we’re here to help you dress your pear-shaped figure, and Pear Collections is here to help you dress your beautiful pear-shaped figure.

An appropriately chosen pair of jeans looks great on a pear-shaped body. Instead of hiding your assets, we will not tire in saying for you to flaunt them. Other body shapes can only wish they had what we have.

Pear Collections’ Joy Curves Jeans are constructed from super-soft stretch dark denim specially crafted for curvy women. Stretch denim hugs your hips and curves better.

With a body-contouring pair of jeans, it eliminates the appearance of a waist gap as it mimics the natural shape of your body.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a high-rise pair of jeans can do wonders for a pear figure. This is because a high-rise cut provides great coverage for your rear end. It lengthens the look of your legs and balances out the hip area.

Got a bigger backside? No problem, in fact, you can go higher on the rise making you look even better in jeans. You can still achieve figure flattery in a jean with a contoured waistband that rises higher in the back if you happen to have a flat butt. This solution prevents your waistband from gapping at the back when sitting or bending in jeans, a common issue with conventional jeans for this body shape.

For a more balanced and even look, wear shirts that bring focus upwards. To finish the look, wear heels or high heel boots/shoes to make your legs look thinner and longer, the effect is that it makes you look and feel taller.

To sum it up:

  • High-rise skinny jeans are gorgeous on pear-shaped women who have bigger hips and bums.
  • It defines and emphasises your slender waist.
  • You can wear a tucked-in blouse to draw attention to your midsection.
  • Draw more attention to your midsection by wearing a belt.
  • Finish the look with heels or chunky heeled boots for longer-looking legs and height.

Don’t believe the hype that being a pear excludes you from wearing skinny jeans – you most certainly can wear skinny jeans to look and feel fantastic.

Joy Curves Jeans are not only for tall and thin pears. They’re actually great on every pear type. The key is finding the best style for you and complementing it with the right pieces to complete your look.

Check out Pear Collections capsule wardrobe for a pear shaped body to help you build a perfect wardrobe with clothing fit for your curves.

For more tips about wearing skinny jeans, do check out Pear Collections’ Style Tips & Tricks with Angie.

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