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What is Toxic Positivity?

The human body is such an amazing, beautiful, and wonderful thing. Just think about all the incredible things that it does for you daily.

Things like breathing, walking, digesting food, doing basically everything it can to keep you from getting sick, and so much more. By appreciating your body, you also acknowledge all the remarkable and vital things it does to keep you alive and healthy every day.

We do not discount the fact that there are overly critical of how they look and obsessed about their body size, shape, and appearance. Unfortunately for some, these things also often become the source of their deepest pain and self-loathing, leaving them feeling flawed or simply not physically good enough.

So why is it that our bodies are one area where many of us struggle to appreciate? It does not help that we currently live in a culture that encourages an obsession with appearance.

Make no mistake, we at Pear Collections subscribe to the fact that there is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of ourselves and even wanting to look good. But what is more important to us is that women feel good in their own skin. Fact is, we even up the ante by advocating for a body positive mindset that is all-encompassing and inclusive of all body types.

What is Toxic Positivity? with Pear CollectionsWhat is Body Positivity?

In a broad sense, body positivity is all about loving yourself and others, regardless of their physical appearance. The idea is about encouraging self-positivity, acceptance, and health. It helps people to focus on their strengths and other non-physical characteristics and attributes.

As social media today continues to play a major role in our society, keeping conversations and discussions going about body positivity is more essential than ever – and it is not just a topic for women. There are also men who struggle with body image too!

An indispensable aspect to remember is that body positivity is different from body image. Body positivity offers compassionate yet realistic views about living healthy and loving yourself at the same time. Whereas, a body image encompasses our attitudes and perceptions about our physical appearance and the changes it goes through over time. This image is impacted by our thoughts and by our experiences.

We cannot stress enough that today’s mass media and social media greatly impacts and imposes unrealistic standards of our society. With this knowledge, we must learn how to consume the messages they put out, mindfully, and choose what messages to consume all together. We also need to develop how to interpret the information they present and strive to tune out any detrimental and negative influences.

Note that you are a unique individual, capable of doing and sharing so much more than just your looks, which are destined to change with the progression of time. We encourage all women to be a source of inspiration for others, rather than be the cause of their desperation.

Why Is Body Positivity Important?

The biggest importance of body positivity is that it positively enhances your body image. With a positive body image, it helps an individual build and enhances their self-esteem and promotes better physical and mental health.

Negative notions that are attached to people’s bodies are not only damaging to the emotional and mental well-being of people. They do, to a certain extent, can also affect the physical. Body positivity is meant for people to create a positive self-image that shatters the negative aspects related to one’s body.

By being comfortable in your own skin, you also enhance your confidence, which impacts more important aspects of your life. Such aspects include: your personal well-being, your work, vocation, and your relationships.

It’s completely okay to admit that we don’t necessarily love everything about our bodies. That’s perfectly normal. However, in doing so, never lose focus in celebrating what makes you unique, and that’s a beautiful thing.

We all have features that we particularly like and dislike. But instead of focusing on areas you dislike, start viewing them as uniquely you. There is only one of you in the world (even if you are a twin), and that is your superpower.

What is Toxic Positivity?

Both traditional and social media are full of uplifting quotes and phrases that are meant to inspire positivity in a helpful and well-meaning way. Though these words might be meant to comfort, they also highlight an aspect of popular culture that can be more harmful than helpful, this is toxic positivity.

In a nutshell, although toxic positivity is not meant to cause harm, it is shallow and gives false assurance. Toxic positivity dismisses emotions instead of affirming them, and it usually comes from a place of discomfort. It often comes during situations when we intend to help but don’t know what proper things to say.

Not many of us know how to talk about uncomfortable and/or sad topics, and in our attempt to mean well, we may mess up. With toxic positivity, we want to help make someone feel better, but the result is typically the opposite and only helps in shutting the person down.

For example, if a friend is telling you how scared and uncertain, they are about something, instead of listening to their concerns, you try to reassure them that everything will be okay. Sometimes, forcing positivity may not be a response to someone else’s misfortune, but our own.

It is perfectly normal to not want to deal with negative emotions sometimes. But regularly forcing a positive outlook and side-lining the negatives on yourself can take a toll on your mental health. When positivity is being forced down our throats by “well-meaning” people, and using strategies for you to suppress negative emotions, they then can become toxic.

Research shows that people who avoid their own negative emotions will eventually end up feeling worse later. What this means is that if you keep ghosting your own emotions, they’ll keep haunting you until you finally deal with them.

To conclude.

As human beings, we can have a full range of emotions. It is important and healthy that we can openly talk about and express them. All emotions offer useful information about how you operate in this world, and all of them are equally valid.


At Pear Collections and the Pear Community, say that sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay. We are here for you and are grateful that you are allowing us to be part of your journey towards body positivity and enhancing your positive body image.

It may be difficult to love your body all the time, but you can appreciate it for what it can do. To help you along your journey, Pear Collections’ Love Your Curves Affirmation Card Pack hopes to impact the way you see yourself, positively.

Lastly, we at Pear Collections say that whenever you can, practice self-love, and accept yourself. Both have valuable purposes, so you can decide which feels most appropriate and what works best for you.

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