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What Jeans are Best for Pear Shaped Women?

Finding the perfect pair of jeans that makes you feel fabulous for pear-shaped women and ready to take on the world is like trying to find the perfect date. Finding the ideal fit for a pear-shaped woman can seem daunting, but we here at Pear Collections are here to offer you what could be your denim soulmate!

As with any other piece of clothing, shopping for jeans for us pear-shaped women are quite problematic. The usual problems we encounter is that they will often be too big around the waist, and tight on our hips and thighs. It almost always seems like every single pair of jeans we try on was made for a different body other than yours.

The good news is, there are jeans out there that will beautifully fit and flatter your luscious curves brilliantly and in comfort, and Pear Collections is here to help you know what to look for.

What Jeans are Best for Pear Shaped Women? by Pear CollectionsThe Breakdown on a Pear Shaped Body.

All women come in all forms of shapes and sizes, and this is what makes all of us uniquely beautiful. As pear-shaped women, our most distinctive feature is our wide hips, narrow shoulders, defined waist, and we also tend to have prominent thighs.

Instead of being dictated and conditioned upon by media on what we should and shouldn’t wear based on our body shapes, we want to help you discover clothes that make you comfortable in your own skin. We believe that clothes must fit your shape and not the other way around.

To be honest, ladies, your natural body type/shape is neither good nor bad – IT JUST IS, and it is fabulous. We do acknowledge that it is a challenge for us to find good fitting clothing that flatters our body type to complement our shape, and that’s why we are here.

If you’re a woman who has been on an endless search for the best jeans for a pear-shaped body, you’re not alone. There are options out there that can make you feel and look your best, more importantly, being comfortable in your choice for wear.

Why it’s hard to buy jeans for pear shaped women?

Having a pear-shaped body means your hip area is wider than your upper body, it can sometimes be a challenge when buying jeans because of the figure-hugging and tight nature of denim. However, keep in mind to not be ashamed of your full hips and that you’re not confined to only one jean style. Besides, why shouldn’t you wear jeans? They’re awesome!

Since embarking on my journey of starting my own brand, I understand how clothing are supposed to fit a pear-shaped woman, being a petite pear-shaped woman myself. I’ve also learned about how pants are supposed to fit, and I’ve also learned they can be applied to denim as well.

Because of our wonderful shape, jeans are usually restrictive for us pears. Putting them on alone is a chore, and we must perform different movements, short of a dance, just to get them past our legs.

When it comes to style, technically, skinny jeans are not all that flattering on us pear-shaped women, because they do hug the biggest part of our body. But that should not stop you from wearing them, simply because, they are adorable. And there are workarounds for this, which we will discuss later.

Jeans that your curves deserve.

Shopping for jeans doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. Just as long as you are armed with some important tips and tricks, you can weed out great pairs of denim from the ones that won’t work for you, even without having to try them on.

It is always advantageous for us pears to learn how to dress for our shape. And what distinguishes us best is our curves. You may notice we are advocating a hashtag #loveyourcurves because we are serious about spreading the word about loving yourself and your curves, and we invite you to join our community.

Here’s the scoop, ladies! An appropriately chosen pair of jeans can look quite good on a pear-shaped body. Rather than always trying to hide your assets, flaunt them. And we will not tire of saying it repeatedly, other body shapes wish they had what we do.

Denim is an essential piece to have in our wardrobe, admittedly, they can be a tricky article to shop for. Angie Martin, Pear Collections Founder and Head Designer/Creator, gives you an informative take when it comes to skinny jeans, so please check it out.

Jeans styles for curvy women – pear shape, to balance your curves.

  • Moderately flared or bootcut jeans creates a sleek and lean silhouette that helps in balancing out your proportions. Avoid wide-flared jeans since they will look your legs proportionally short.
  • Mid-rise jeans with a waistband that falls slightly above the widest part of your hip creates the illusion of a narrower hip.
  • Wide-leg or trouser jeans that fall from the widest part of your hip down to the hem creates a longer, leaner looking line. They work well if you intend to wear heels. Ensure the inseam is long enough just to hit almost the bottom to give a leg lengthening effect.

Jeans styles for curvy women – pear shape, keep rear covered.

Stretch denim is fabulous in hugging your curves, giving you a sleeker silhouette.

When picking a pair of jeans, choose ones that have a contoured waistband. It is cut with a curvature that follows the curve of your body. This prevents gapping, especially for figures with full hips and rear and a small waist.

  • Curvy-fit jeans designs specifically for small waist and a fuller hips and bottom are usually made from stretch denim, such as Pear Collections’ Joy Curves Jeans. They have a contoured waistband and extra room in the hip and buttocks area for a better fit and to prevent gapping on the waist.

The Wrap-Up.

Shopping for jeans can be a fun experience if you particularly know what it is you must be looking out for. Different brands have their own sizing and style standards. On top of that, there’s a “special” demand of choosing clothes that suits your pear-shaped body.

The bottom line is, you must look for jeans that do not highlight problematic areas. Hunt for one’s flatter your curves, and more importantly, ones that you feel comfortable in.

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