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Pear Collections was created to celebrate, empower, and support pear-shaped women to embrace their curves and help them become comfortable with their bodies. It is the brainchild of Angie Martin after a failed shopping attempt, decided to solve women’s perennial ‘pear-shaped’ problem in shopping for clothes.

We wanted to create not only a brand where women can good look in, but a range of fashion that uplifts them to become comfortable in their own bodies. The aim is also to empower pear-shaped women that they are more than just their looks, and that they can achieve, reach, and act on their dreams with confidence.

Where We Manufacture by Pear CollectionsYour Wardrobe Dilemma

For us women, investing in what we wear can be a costly, tedious, and time-consuming process. Often leading to a wardrobe or closet full of items that we get to wear infrequently.

The issue is compounded, especially for us pear-shaped women, who have experienced too many times seeing beautiful apparel, but does nothing to flatter our beautiful shapely bodies. And if by chance we do find a piece that works, we are driven to hunt for complementary pieces that will work for that particular piece.

For us pear-shaped women, shopping off the rack is a challenge. It is not that easy for us to simply fish something off the rack, match it with another, hoping the ensemble will look good on our beautifully unique pear-shaped bodies.

Now, why am I relaying this scenario to you? Simply because I’ve been there, even shed tears over it. But those tears were the fuel needed for me to put up Pear Collections. This is in line with the goal to help women alleviate the stigma of finding clothes that not only fit but help us feel good about ourselves and be comfortable in, without the need to hide or cover anything.

Mix and Match: Capsule Rocks!

What if we tell you that you can curate a wardrobe full of clothes that can potentially save you money each year from buying unnecessary pieces? Sounds like a great prospect, right?

Additionally, what if you can go through your wardrobe every season, get dressed quickly, have a neat closet, and still have many outfits ready to wear anytime, and every time? Yes, it is possible, ladies.

We know how hard it is for us to find great clothes out there from suppliers who understand and empathise with our unique needs. So, at Pear Collections, we made it a point to be a brand that offer capsule range of wardrobes for the benefit of our community.

If you are not familiar with ‘capsule wardrobe,’ it is the process of procuring a set number of clothes that you can mix and match with one another, enabling you to create many outfits.

Typically, one wears a capsule wardrobe for 3 to 4 months, and then at the end of those months, you simply update it for the next season. By having a set number of clothes per season, you limit your shopping, thus saving you time and money!

The key to a functional capsule wardrobe is ensuring everything coordinates together. If you are missing any items, identify what you specifically need, and check out our shop when you go shopping.

When considering a new purchase, ask yourself the following questions. This helps you stay focused on what will work with your pear-shaped wardrobe and avoid useless spending. These questions are:

  1. Will the piece go and work with 3 other items in my capsule?
  2. How many outfits can I create with this item of clothing?
  3. Will it complement my personal style?
  4. Does the style and fabric work for me?
  5. Will it work with my lifestyle?

Where are Your Fabulous Clothes Made?

All of Pear Collections’ garments are designed in NSW, Australia, however we have our pieces manufactured in China for several reasons.

  1. Manufacturing Consistency – since we offer our customers capsule ranges, we make it a point to ensure our sizing and manufacturing quality remains consistent year after year. By having our pieces manufactured in China, we can achieve that consistency is maintained due to our strict manufacturing guidelines and procedures.
  1. Quality – as we are a capsule-based brand, we place a premium in quality over quantity. We want our customers to have garments that can last longer. What this means is we can provide high quality and well-made garments that you can depend on.
  2. Product Speciality – since all our garments are designed to be comfortable, practical and made for curves, we only work with highly specialised manufacturers. What this means is, we have manufacturers that only work on a specific item of their specialisation.

For example, we have a manufacturer that specialises in jeans. They work on jeans and nothing more. We assure you that we don’t rely on just one manufacturer to produce our entire range. By so doing, we can provide our Pear Collections Community the best specialised products possible.

With Pear Collections, we can provide you, our empowered customers, with what you want and need to fulfil a well-coordinated capsule wardrobe meant to flaunt not only your lovely curves, but in comfort and style.

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