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5 Tips to Building a Capsule Wardrobe

The world often has a narrow definition of where beauty standards are concerned. It’s a breath of fresh air that recently, the fashion industry has made significant strides towards inclusivity and body positivity.

A deeply personal endeavour that embodies this shift is Pear Collections, we are an innovative clothing brand with a mission to empower and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, particularly pear-shaped and curvaceous women. Our mission encompasses the task of helping women to embrace their natural body shapes and at the same time revel in the joy of fashion through choices that are not only stylish but genuinely fun.

There’s no genuine reason to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, and for far too long, the fashion industry perpetuated these ideals. These illicit ideals left a huge percentage of beautiful women excluded and disheartened, especially if all they wanted was to find clothes that fit and expose their true beauty that lies beneath.

Pear Collections is on a mission to dispel these conventions and help in redefining the indoctrinated narrative surrounding beauty and fashion. Loving your curves is not just a mission for Pear, it’s a way of life! We’re here to empower you to celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes and help you make fashion choices that are as fun as if shopping with your best friend.

Being pear-shaped and curvaceous is nothing to be ashamed of, that one opts to hide under crappy clothing; it is something to be confident about and to flaunt. Pear Collections will take you on a journey to learn to love your curves and provide a one-stop destination for your fashion needs, designed for your pear-shaped and curvaceous body.

Finding the right fit can be challenging, which is why we help relieve the stress, make the process enjoyable, and help you regain self-confidence along the way.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Imagine yourself opening a wardrobe or closet, to pick out your outfit of the day (OOTD). You then proceed to pick out two sets of tops and bottoms, laying them out on a bed and finding that either combination of top and bottom works.

In doubt, you pick out another set and see that picking another combination works just as well, if not better. That, my dear, is the simplest example of what a capsule wardrobe is.

In proper definition, a capsule wardrobe is a carefully curated collection of clothing that’s timeless, versatile, and more importantly, designed to be mixed and matched seamlessly.

The concept of a capsule wardrobe was introduced by Susie Faux in the 1970s and was popularised and gained full recognition with the help of seasoned fashion designer Donna Karan in 1985. The primary aim of a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your closet by shifting one’s focus on quality over quantity, to make it easier to create, mix and match stylish outfits with only a few pieces.

Today, the minimalist style of dressing has become trendy. If you have a closet or a wardrobe filled with clothes but still wear the same 3 or 4 items every day, perhaps it’s time to declutter your wardrobe and try out capsule clothing.

Why is a Capsule Wardrobe Better?

Despite what you might think, there are no strict rules to a capsule wardrobe. There’s no rule that says you have to stick to a specific number of pieces nor stick to a specific colour palette, and this also covers your choice of accessories and yes, shoes!

Quality is prioritised over quantity if you want to start a capsule wardrobe. This is better in the long run since you will be investing in well-made, durable pieces that will last longer and look better over time.

The beauty of it is, that you get to select pieces that mix and match seamlessly to create a variety of looks for different occasions, rather than simply following fleeting fashion trends. Carefully curated pieces ensure that your wardrobe remains relevant for longer periods, long after the current trend fades into oblivion.

A typical capsule wardrobe contains a relatively small number of carefully selected pieces, usually ranging between 20 and 40 pieces, and this already includes your choice of shoes and accessories.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a capsule wardrobe, apart from having pieces that mix and match with other items in your collection, is that it helps in decluttering your closet. Removing items that you rarely wear, or no longer serve their purpose, reduces decision fatigue when choosing your OOTD.

To help you along, let’s cite why it’s important to consider shifting to a capsule wardrobe:

  1. Time-saver: Getting dressed becomes quicker and more efficient with fewer clothing options to choose from. This reduces the stress of deciding what to wear at the start of your day. Let’s face it, who wants stress at the start of their day?
  2. It Saves You Money: Yes, you’d be investing more in quality pieces that may be a little more expensive than regular clothing, but think that you’re paying for quality that will seamlessly work with your other pieces. Additionally, focusing on timeless, quality pieces spares you from making impulsive purchases that you won’t get to wear again after a season.
  1. Helps in Redefining Your Personal Style: As you become more selective about the pieces you purchase, you are more likely to refine your choices and redefine your personal style. Your choices can lead you to a wardrobe that truly represents your tastes and style preferences.
  2. More Closet Space, Less Clutter: Having fewer functional pieces helps in decluttering your closet, giving you more space and organisation. A decluttered closet adds to reducing visual strain and creates a sense of calm, am I right ladies?
  3. Less Environmental Impact: Having a smaller wardrobe means you rely on fewer unnecessary clothing purchases. This contributes to a reduction in textile waste and encourages a more sensible and sustainable approach to fashion.

To sum it up, a capsule wardrobe helps you simplify your daily routine, be mindful of your clothing choices, encourage your style development, create a clutter-free wardrobe, and help the environment.

Black Blazer for Pear Shaped and Plus Size Women5 Tips for Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe.

A Capsule wardrobe is the intersection where fashion meets simplicity and style meets self-expression. When you explore and pivot towards a capsule wardrobe, you will also be undergoing a transformative process that you tailor to benefit you.

Below are 5 essential tips to help you in curating a wardrobe. They will not only help you in embracing your pear-shaped and curvaceous body. In time, and with great choices, they will help you reflect your unique style and simplify your daily fashion choices.

1. Understand Your Body Type.

Understanding your body type is key when considering curating your own capsule wardrobe. Pear-shaped women normally have narrow shoulders, as opposed to our wider lower body and slim waist.

Understanding our body type opens up possibilities in choosing clothing items that balance out our proportions instead of hiding or camouflaging them. A-line skirts and wide-leg pants, for instance, can be your best friends. They highlight your curves in style and comfort.

2. Find Your Focus.

No two bodies are exactly alike, even identical twins have nuances of being distinct and different. You are unique, and there is always something different about you that needs to be highlighted and loved.

Certainly, when you look at yourself in the mirror, instead of looking for flaws, focus on what you love about yourself. Is it your neckline? Your shapely legs? Perhaps your luscious booty and slim waist?

When building up your capsule wardrobe, select pieces that will highlight and accentuate what you love about yourself. For example, if you want people to notice your collarbone, choosing V-neck tops or dresses can beautifully highlight it.

3. Create Your Style.

Keep in mind that when you are building a capsule wardrobe, you are also creating a reflection of yourself. With this in mind, don’t you think it’s worth taking that opportunity to let your personal sense of style shine through?

Are you chic, a stylish rebel, a Bohemian, or perhaps a minimalist? Define your style and stick to it as you build your wardrobe. Consistency is the key to ensuring that all the pieces you choose complement each other.

4. Decide on Your Colour Range.

Not all of us have a favourite colour. But we also can’t deny that there are colours that vibe with us and people do take notice. Keep this in mind when choosing colours for your staple pieces.

Start by choosing a base colour, whichever colour you fancy. Blacks, navy and grey are popular choices as they are the most versatile and timeless. Then pick your accent colours, perhaps something that pops off your favourite hue to infuse your personality into your outfits.

Now, don’t forget about prints and patterns; they add flair and pizzazz to your capsule wardrobe, too!

5. Identify Your Basic Essentials and Trendy Accents.

And last, but certainly not the least, think about all the occasions that you have to dress for. Be that at work, a day at the beach, or a night out with your beau or the girls.

Choose basic essentials, like well-fitting jeans, or a tailored blazer. Or perhaps that little black wrap dress? These will become the foundation of your capsule wardrobe. All you have to do to make your look pop is to add trendy accents such as statement jewellery, a stylish handbag or clutch, and perhaps footwear that complements your body type to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and updated.

Keep in mind that creating your capsule wardrobe is to help simplify your life and at the same time, stay fabulous. It’s actually part of the journey towards positive self-expression, self-realisation, acceptance, and self-love.

Embracing who you are and understanding that what makes you, you will vastly help you in curating a wardrobe meant just for you, and make you feel confident and gorgeous in every way, every day!


In conclusion, being a pear-shaped and curvaceous woman is not a cause to hide. It’s a cause to celebrate who you are and accept you are unique and beautiful.

Being pear-shaped and curvaceous is something to be embraced with confidence and pride, and Pear Collections is your guide on a journey to love your curves and discover the joy of finding a wardrobe specifically tailored for you. More importantly, to help you gain confidence, and regain self-love along the way.

As we have explored the importance of curating your own capsule wardrobe, it’s now up to you to take the next step by joining us. Get started on wearing less but get more out of your wardrobe.

Redefine fashion on your own terms by discovering your unique style. Curate your capsule, and let your true self and beauty shine like never before, one fabulous outfit at a time.

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