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Slow Fashion 5 Changes You Can Make Today

We hear the term ‘Fast Fashion’ quite a lot, but what exactly does it actually mean, and why are so many people obsessed with it? Let’s begin by defining what ‘Fast Fashion’ is:

Fast fashion clothing is made fast and sold cheaply, to encourage people to buy new clothes often.

Though it’s true that with fast fashion, buying clothes has never been easier. One can simply go in a store and pick an outfit off the rack, or pick a cute outfit off a catalogue or an online boutique and have it shipped straight to your doorstep.

But why are people obsessed with fast clothing? For one, shopping for fast clothing has become a cheap, endlessly available form of entertainment. The sad part is, that fast fashion is also an enabler of a system that allows people to ‘buy clothes often’, which some people claim is a positive.

Fast fashion became popular because it’s cheaper to produce, and manufacture, and satiates the consumer’s appetite for up-to-the-minute styles. Another contributing factor is an increase in consumer purchasing power – especially among young people, who want instant gratification in following the latest trends.

The rate at which many of us buy clothing has increased exponentially. It was not uncommon a few decades ago that one would buy a coat and wear it for several years. Today, many people buy an entirely new wardrobe every season and buy numerous new items in between.

It’s true that fast fashion is affordable, provides instant gratification for consumers, and democratises stylish clothing. Sadly, it’s also associated with waste, pollution, and the promulgation of a ‘disposable mentality.’

Apart from waste and pollution, another factor to look at is that fast fashion doesn’t age well and can’t be recycled because they are predominantly made of over 60 per cent synthetics. Discard them, and they’re sure to end up in landfills for years. We’re not going to touch how fast fashions are made, that’s a whole story in itself.

Love Your Curves Shirt CollectionsPear-Shaped and Curvaceous Fashion.

For pear-shaped and curvaceous women, it has always been a challenge to find clothing that flatters and fits our beautiful curves. Usually, fast fashion is a bane for us pears and curvy women. It does cause a bit (or a lot) of frustration when we try on a full outfit from a shop, or for even just as simple as ‘trying’ to get a pair of pants.

Pear Collections’ main mission is to eliminate the horrible relationship we’ve had with fashion for years. We shouldn’t have to deal with ill-fitting clothes that are not made to fit our beautiful bodies.

We’ve asked before If you’re to choose between comfort and fashion trends, which would you choose when it comes to your wardrobe?

Personally, I’ll pick comfort over trends any day, nor would I sacrifice my style and health for the sake of fast fashion that won’t last. Additionally, fashion trends normally don’t fit most body types, and you end up with a piece of clothing you do not dare wear in public. What a waste.

We are a sustainable and environmentally conscious clothing brand, and our range is created around the concept of Capsule Collections for the Pear Community. Our aim is to provide our clients with quality garments that are versatile and last long over fast fashion alternatives. This way, we create a range of clothing focused on the comfort of our end-users, as opposed to following trends.

Our entire collection is centred around capsule collections that you can mix and match, created to suit pear-shaped and curvy women everywhere.

What is Slow Fashion?

Fast fashion gets garments to their consumers as quickly as possible with little to no regard for the welfare of their workers and the environment, slow fashion is the complete opposite.

The concept of slow fashion was introduced back in 2008 by Kate Fletcher, a fashion and sustainability consultant. The idea revolves around using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the use of materials through ‘mindful manufacturing,’ focusing on quality over quantity.

Slow fashion carefully considers the processes and the resources needed to make garments, with a strong focus on their timeliness and high-quality designs over trend-driven pieces that are destined to be discarded only after a few wears.

Slow fashion advocates for purchasing better-quality clothing that lasts longer, and values fair treatment of garment workers, animals, and the planet. The main difference between slow fashion and fast fashion is that it helps in honing one’s reduction of consumption and production and treating clothing as a long-term investment rather than a throwaway fad.

How Does Slow Fashion Work?

Modern-day slow fashion is a re-emergence of the old ways when it comes to clothing. Before, garments were locally sourced and produced. Durable clothing was made from textiles and resources available to them and reflected the place and culture of their people.

Today, it asks us to step back and decide if we really need something new, or perhaps look into our closets for pieces we may have forgotten that might need a few alterations or repairs to be used again.

Slow fashion encourages us to purchase fewer garments and less often. When buying something new, instead of buying a number of cheap synthetic clothing that will be of no use after a use or two, choose to go with investing in high-quality pieces instead.

Clothes that are made from sustainable processes and sources emphasise the art of clothesmaking and celebrate the skills of craftspeople. Who wouldn’t want two or three organic cotton or linen pieces that will last for years to come?

Slow fashion also educates people to stop treating clothing as disposable and to make at least a modicum of effort to upcycle, repair, pass along, or dispose of them responsibly when they can no longer serve their purpose.

Characteristics of Slow Fashion.

  • They are made from high-quality low-impact materials such as linen.
  • They are timeless as opposed to being trendy.
  • Smaller local stores are more likely to sell them than big chain stores.
  • They are often locally sourced, produced, and sold.
  • There are only a few specific styles per collection, released twice to a maximum of three times a year, or are made into permanent seasonless collections.
  • They can be made to order to reduce duplication or unnecessary production.

5 Changes You Can Make Today to Be More Sustainable.

The slow fashion approach has inspired many changes in recent years, we at Pear Collections subscribe to it in our own way with our Capsule Collection. We help maintain awareness that our brand represents a focus on quality, not quantity, to simplify and declutter our wardrobes. As they say, less is more!

1. By Less – Invest.

It might seem daunting at first, but it can get satisfying to tackle your clothes head-on. Have you ever seen an exceptionally well-dressed person? They tend to have an aura of sophistication about them. Well, there’s a good reason for that.

Buying quality clothes is worth the investment. They last longer and make you feel better, especially if they fit your luscious curves. If you spend on only a few quality pieces, you’ll inevitably learn how to mix and match them to create new looks, exactly the principle of capsule clothing.

Not only will it be like second nature for you to put things together, but if you invest in classic pieces, you’ll have an easier time getting dressed impeccably as well. Plus points, you won’t have to worry about your clothes going out of style.

2. Choose Wisely – Think Long Term.

Instead of having to purchase a new dress for every occasion, you could have one or two perfect dresses that not only fit well, go well with everything else you have in your closet, and look great every time.

Choosing core pieces of clothing is key. Stick to simple but quality pieces. The reason? Choosing to invest in quality pieces is comfortable, and easy, and they can last forever, all aspects of a good wardrobe.

Even if we advocate for quality clothing, we discourage splurging at any chance you get or buy things that are ridiculously above your budget. You’ll find choosing clothing that fits you and truly love, will make your wallet and closet thank you in the long run.

3. Take Care – Learn How to Care for Your Clothes.

When your clothes last longer, you won’t feel compelled to replace them as often. Clothes not only cover our bodies but also improve our personality.

Picture this, you made a smart decision to invest in quality clothing so that you can have a capsule wardrobe you can be proud of. It might take some time, but you know that the pieces you eventually choose can potentially last a long time.

The last thing you’d want to happen is destroying your pieces by washing and drying them without care, and they come out discoloured, stretched out or shrunk. Read their care instructions/labels and follow them to the T, especially if it says dry-clean only.

4. Shop Smart – Research Before You Buy.

Learn how to become a more sustainable buyer. Shop smart and help protect the environment by purchasing only what you truly need and will love to wear.

We can’t fault you if you crave the dopamine rush that comes from tapping ‘buy now’ or swiping your card at the checkout of your favourite boutique. We’re not suggesting that you to give up buying clothes altogether, clothing is essential, and it also plays a big part in how we express ourselves and define who we are.

One of the more sustainable ways of creating a wardrobe is simply to buy less. Ask yourself: Do I really need this item or just want it? Will it go well with my other pieces, or do I already have something similar? Will this piece last a long time?

Basic questions you should ask yourself apart from knowing what the garment is made of.

  • Is it priced realistically and fair?
  • Where was it made and by whom?
  • Is this brand being transparent?

As a conscious consumer, why not visit the brand’s website, and get to know them and their values? You don’t have to spend hours doing research for a pair of jeans, for instance. Brands that are focused on being ethical and sustainable are more than elated to share their certifications, stories, and values.

Use your own judgement in determining a brand you fancy is truly dedicated to doing things differently and for the better, or if they’re just greenwashing.

5. Focus On Fit – Not Trends.

Fashion is a great way to express ourselves, and show our style, mood, and personality. But there will be days when the outfit we choose to wear doesn’t quite turn out the way we expected. We probably have all been there, am I right, ladies?

One main reason our outfits don’t meet our expectations is that we don’t plan and prepare properly. First, things first, we have to know our bodies and love it. Every nook, cranny, and yes, curves.

It’s important to understand our body shape and find clothes that fit well, more importantly, clothes we are comfortable in. Choose clothes that flatter our figure and show off our best features, like our small waists.

Trying on clothes that come in different styles that complement our body can make a huge difference. While trends can be exciting, totally relying on them may lead to disappointment. Fashion trends are normally subjective and cannot be relied on to match our tastes, personal style, or body type.

Instead of chasing every trend, choose quality, timeless pieces that reflect your individuality. The only validation you need comes from within, and the feeling you get with wearing clothes that fit. Trusting your own fashion instincts will lead you to outfits that feel true to you.

Are You Going Fast or Slow?

Fashion is an avenue where you can showcase your creativity, self-expression, and personal style. It’s not your failure, and there’s no point blaming your body, you’re beautiful as you are.

If fast fashion outfits don’t meet your expectations, consider it an opportunity to reassess your approach and refine your fashion choices with quality clothing.

Thanks to ill-fitting pants back in 2019, Pear Collections came to be. It made me realise that there’s nothing wrong with me, but the clothes do. We shouldn’t make ourselves fit into any clothing, it should fit us, and in complete comfort.

That’s why we’re here with a goal to support, celebrate, and promote a welcoming environment for pear-shaped and curvaceous women looking for timeless clothing that fits and is comfortable.

When you shop with Pear Collections, you’re investing in confidence and sustainable clothing that not only looks good but feels great. Join us on this journey and let your wardrobe reflect the beauty of slow fashion with our capsule range of clothing. Shop with Pear Collections today and embrace fashion tailored for you.

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