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What Should a Pear Shaped Woman Wear?

If you are in the process of revitalising your wardrobe, one important style factor you’ll have to master early on is balance. At Pear Collections, our business ethos is providing a wide selection of clothing designed for all pear-shaped women, no matter what their size.

As a pear-shaped woman myself, I know how hard it is to find clothes that flatter my curves instead of hiding them and provide my overall appearance a polished and well-balanced look. This difficulty prompted me to create Pear Collections so that I can provide a safe shopping destination for my fellow beautiful pear-shaped women who just want to dress up in high-quality, beautiful, and comfortable clothes.

We know it’s hard loving your curves sometimes, but hey, your curves are part of what makes you, you! And honey, your curves are assets that completes you. And where clothes are concerned, embracing, and accentuating your assets with quality clothing that fits is a sure-fire way you’ll look smashing.

What Should a Pear Shaped Woman Wear? by Pear CollectionsThe Lovely Pear Body

A pear-shaped body is characterised by wide hips and narrow shoulder, hence that’s why it’s called the pear shape. The pear body type, sometimes called the triangle or spoon shape, is quite common.

Pear shaped women could either be curvy, skinny (slim), or athletic. Regardless of your pear type, always keep in mind that you are perfectly beautiful as you are.

To put this in perspective, Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte York-Goldenblatt in “Sex and the City” is a classic pear-shaped woman. In one episode, the women were in a steam room where Charlotte told Carrie (Jessica Parker), “I hate my thighs!” Carrie responded, “What’s in your head is the problem, sweetie. Not your thighs.”

That scene reflects the common concern of many pear-shaped ladies, who still has not come to terms with embracing their uniqueness. And Carrie was right, the problem was not with Charlotte’s thighs, but the self-image she imposed upon herself in her head.

Each pear body type has their own unique treats, but everyone is attractive. Loving your curves makes it easier to adapt the right dressing techniques to enhance those assets. More importantly, feel good and confident with your fabulous curves.

The Importance of Dressing for your Curves

There is a BIG difference between being squeezed in a dress than having the dress fit your body properly. Not only does it not bode well with free movement and comfort, but having a pear-shaped body, it will not look all that flattering.

Bear in mind, to be impeccably dressed, it is important to work with your curves and not against it. The first thing for you to do is affirm that “My curves are beautiful, I embrace it.” And if you become confident enough, no one will stop you from flaunting it. And we at Pear Collections are here to help you flaunt it, in style.

We often get asked if women with pear-shaped bodies wear pencil skirts. The answer is, YES!

Pencil skirts will skim your curves in all the right places, making you feel fabulous. Wearing one up to the knee is the most flattering hemline on everyone, since it elongates your curves and gives your body good balance.

And no outfit is complete without wearing the right shoes. You should pay close attention to the line of your shoes. Avoid straps around the ankles – they can make your legs look shorter. A classic neutral pump will give you the cleanest line and make your legs look long.

Pear-shaped women are often told: “Don’t wear that. It’s going to make you look bigger.” Listen, if you have clothes that fit you properly, it’s going to look good on you because it’s your size.

And that’s why we offer all our styles with sizes that range from size 4 to size 24. A lot of brands really don’t carry large sizes all that much. And we want to make it as painless as possible to have clothes available that fit beautiful full-figured plus-sized pears out there.

What Items are Best for Pear Shaped Women

Regardless of what size and shape you are, there are a few universal baseline tips you must keep in mind. They are specifically designed to help anyone with a pear-shaped body create a proportioned looking frame.

  1. Keep it in balance – Your body shape is almost entirely determined by your bone structure and not your weight. Choose clothing that balances out the overall look of your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.
  2. Draw the eye – Use lines like spotlights to guide eyes where you want them to see. Doing so helps in highlighting and emphasising areas on your body you want people to focus on.
  3. Don’t forget about colours – Our eyes are naturally drawn to light, patterns, and light colours. Keep this in mind when mixing and matching separate items for your outfits.

Now that we have a baseline that we can help guide us in choosing clothes, here are our recommendations in choosing the best tops, jackets, dresses, pants, and accessories to complement a pear-shaped frame.


Tops are your best bet to balance out your overall silhouette. Remember that the aim is to draw attention from your curvaceous lower half to your elegant upper half. To accomplish this, choose light, bright colours and prints in the following styles:

  • Peplum – Peplum tops are the quintessential waist defining top that adds volume to your top half.
  • Square-neck – Any open neckline shows off your collarbone and chest, that aids in drawing the eyes up. NOTE: V-Neck tops works too.
  • Cowl-neck – This also help in drawing the eyes up, like an open neckline. Its draped fabric.
  • Boat-neck – Its horizontal neckline of boat-neck tops create the illusion of broadening your shoulders. This can be further enhanced with puff sleeves or the use of eye-catching upper-body details.

Jeans and Pants

  • Bootcut – jeans and pants balances out your hips and looks great with their flattering fit.
  • High-waisted – pants and jeans accentuate your waist, creates a more balanced silhouette. Medium to dark washed jeans makes it looks you have legs a mile long. Check out our Peared Wide Leg Pants, which are a pear shaped women’s BFF.
  • Slim-straight – are perennial favourites and are a great alternative to skinny jeans and pants. They skim your thighs rather than looking like you’re squeezed into them.
  • Flat-front – a great tailored option that gives your bottom half an elongated and structured appearance.

For curvy ladies who want to wear skinny jeans, we haven’t left you out, our Joy Curve Jeans are specifically created for you. This super-soft stretch denim shows off your curves, yet it allows you to feel comfortable.


  • Wrap – Wrap dresses are great for defining your waist and are your most versatile choice.
  • Fit-and-Flare – This number is like an A-line dress but is usually with a more defined waist with more flounce in its skirt. Try out Pear Collections’ Blooming Love Deep V Dress, for curvaceous women looking for a flattering lightweight summer dress that fits.
  • A-line – helps in streamlining your bottom half. Its design feature roomier skirts that fall away from the hips instead of clinging to it.
  • Off-the-shoulder – These style dresses are your best option to draw the eye to your upper body with their completely bare shoulder.


A top layer can do a lot to flatter your frame, regardless it’s a blazer for work or a coat for crisp nights.

When it comes to jackets, look for ones that hit above the waistline to avoid adding fabric to the hip. Also choose bright or patterned tops to draw the eye up. Choosing heavier textiles for your jacket can also have the same eye-catching effect as colours or prints.

If you prefer longer coats, look for tailored styles that keep your top half structured, and especially those that are belted.

At Pear Collections, our Jess Jacket is constructed with string, squared shoulders with tapered waist to enhance your pear-shaped figure. It also comes with fun removable silver chain and large button embellishments that make your lines more proportional while staying stylish.


Belts are the most underrated accessory in fashion today. Belts, for pear-shaped women, accentuates your waist and draws attention away from your bottom half and towards your equally fabulous upper half.

Pear Collections Eternity Adjustable Belt and Pear Perfect Adjustable Belt are a pear-shaped woman’s best friend.

If you know how to dress for your shape, nothing will hold you back. Embrace your body shape and shop at Pear Collections, and build up a collection of capsule wardrobes with the confidence that all your items will truly fit and flatter your shape.

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