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10 Items Pear Shaped Women Should Never Wear

At Pear Collections we produce styles for women of all pear shapes, regardless of their size. Because of this, we offer sizes ranging from 4 to 24. Our garments and collections are for pear-shaped women with beautiful curves, and catering to their desire to feel comfortable and confidently beautiful.

10 Items Pear Shaped Women Should Never Wear by Pear CollectionsWhat it means to have a Pear-Shaped Body?

A rose will still smell just as sweet when called by any other name. A pear shaped body is also called a triangle, a spoon, bootylicious, and a variety of any other names, but essentially, it just means that you have a gloriously curvy lower half with narrower shoulders.

The stereotypical optics of a pear-shaped body is of a woman with narrow shoulders, and a full, rounded bottom, with curvy hips and thighs. To be precise, pear-shaped women are characterised as having:

  • Narrow shoulders than hips
  • Smaller looking top half
  • A more defined waist
  • Full hips and/or thighs
  • Legs that are likely full or muscular
  • Fuller buttocks (but not always)

The good thing is, women today are more confident about themselves, be that in the way they speak, how they do their work, and in the way they look. However, there can be frustrations for pear-shaped women in finding clothes that work for them and may need positive guidance in what to wear to highlight their best features.

In an effort to “cover up” or “hide” their glorious curves, many pear-shaped women wear oversized tops that are too long that tapers on the side. These do work, but realistically, you can’t possibly wear the same type of fashion day-in and day-out.

Ladies, we say to you, nothing needs to be covered or hidden. What this does is just steal the spotlight from your upper half even more. What this accomplishes overall is just a losing situation where none of your fabulousness gets to shine.

Dressing Your Body in Perfect Balance

Like in all things living, our bodies are not made to resemble as if they are cast from the same mould. Even pear-shaped women come in different pear body types, namely:

  • Gentle pear
  • Athletic pear
  • Curvy pear
  • Slim pear

Regardless of your pear body type, the underlying factor is, there is an imbalance with the upper part of your body to your heavier bottom half. Note that your body shape relies almost entirely on your bone structure – and not your weight.

Highlighting your bust and shoulder areas shifts the focus from your hips and thighs and balances your silhouette. Working with and not against your naturally fabulous features is so liberating. What we want for you is to fall in love with your body, because it is amazing!

Accentuate and Highlight Your Best Assets

Most body shape articles you find in magazines and body courses focuses mainly on “covering” parts of your body. Though the intention might be good, it only adds to shame and enhances a lie that we all need to achieve an impossible deal.

Think of stage lights. The lighting crew shines light on areas of the stage to draw your attention to areas they want you to look. We can do the same thing with outfits. Spotlighting the parts where we want them to focus their attention on, we can make them see what we want them to see – YOU, all of you!

Your fabulous lower half no longer needs any help in getting attention, but your upper half needs the upper hand. Basically, your bottom half has everything going for it already and gets attention on its own, even in the plainest pants. Give your equally fabulous upper half the spotlight, hand it a microphone and theme music too.

Dressing to highlight your best assets will give you a confidence boost to embrace your beautiful shape in its entirety.

Avoid these 10 items When Dressing Pear Shaped Bodies

The goal for a pear-shaped woman when it comes to dressing is to create balance by adding emphasis to your top half and de-emphasising your lower half to create a more balanced silhouette.

1.  Tight Tops with Hip Details.

Tight tops with prints or pockets around the hip area makes them look a bit more prominent. Wearing simple bottoms and a stylish top with subtle details draws attention away from your hips and gives you a polished, sophisticated look.

2.  Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans draws attention directly to your curves. Instead, opt for high rise jeans, preferably those in a dark wash finish, which elongates the look of your leg length.

3.  Light or Pastel Coloured bottoms and Dark Top Combination

Our eyes are naturally drawn to lighter colours, wearing lighter coloured or pastel-coloured bottoms (pants or skirt) immediately draws the eye to them. If you want to go with this combination, we suggest reversing colours, with the light colours on top and dark colours for the bottom.

4.  Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are okay, however, they do not work for every pear-shaped woman for the simple reason that they are body-hugging and shows off every curve. But if you want to wear a bodycon dress, opt for an off-shoulder empire-waist dress with a flowing skirt is perfect to show off your narrow shoulders.

5.  Mini Skirts

Mary Quant revolutionised the fashion industry with the mini skirt that liberated women’s legs, and since then has never been out of style. Contrary to what some people may believe, there are no restrictions on who can wear the mini skirt, pear-shaped included.

Note, however, that for pear shaped-women, miniskirts highlights our heaviest areas. So, if you opt to wear one, it’s all about finding the right one that looks just right on you for you to add flair to your already gorgeous self.

6.  Bias-Cut Dresses

Bias-cut dresses and skirts give the body the illusion of curves, and sweeties, you already have those. You no longer need to accentuate your thighs and hips, but rather you must de-emphasise these areas with A-line skirts and high-rise trousers/jeans.

7.  Pencil Skirts

In general, we pear-shaped women look better in skirts than pants. However, not all skirts work well for pear-shaped figures. Though pencil skirts can work for us, paying close attention to the length of the skirt is crucial. Ensure its hem reaches to or at the top pf the knee for that long-legged effect.

8.  Short Shorts

These are not only too tight, but they also draw attention to your thighs. More so if you choose lighter colours or with detailed designs and vivid colours. Not only will you look unbalanced, but you will also look heavy and flabby.

9.  Wide Belts

Although belts are a pear-shaped woman’s best friend, there are guidelines to use them to great effect. Wide belts hide your tiny waist. Additionally, wide belts tend to emphasise the size of your hips. Also, limit wearing scarves or any accessories around the hip region.

10.  These type of shoes: Ankle Strap, Square Toe, Ankle Boots

Ankle strap shoes or any shoe with straps on them makes your legs look short. Square toes make your feet look small; your overall look shorter. Ankle boots are tricky as they make your legs more cut-off. However, they do work if you choose a long dress, which creates the illusion you have an extended leg length.


These are Pear Collections’ style tips for pear-shaped women. Some of these tips may or may not be applicable for everyone.

What we want is for you to be inspired and realise that your pear shape body is perfect. Your body is beautiful, and we don’t want you to cover anything up. We also believe that you should be dressing in any way you wish and feel comfortable in. What we say here are simply suggestions to help you dress to highlight and complement your best features instead of hiding them.

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